The Goonies

“So my name is Mikey Walsh…” I loved starting this book that way. To set the tone for the piece – for myself, to write – I reread Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. I wanted to evoke that first person innocent but savvy boy who reported all he saw, and grew from the experience. Once again, I wrote this on the Warner lot in Spielberg’s office, after the Indiana Jones book. The movie was in post-production by the time I came on board – but the pirate ship set was still up, ¾ scale, in 3 feet of water on one of the sound stages. So I spent some time on deck, absorbing that ambience, to write those scenes. I dug deep to describe Mikey’s first kiss with Andi. And I’m thrilled I could get Sloth not only adopted at the end, but Bar Mitzvah’d.

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