Return of The Jedi

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I got the offer to write this one, I think, for two reasons. First, my World Enough, and Time editor at Del Rey Books, Judy Lynn Del Rey, was also the editor for Return of the Jedi, and she recommended me for the gig. After that, Spielberg confirmed to Lucas what a nice job I’d done on Poltergeist. This was a dream job, but also on a very tight schedule – I ended up writing it in 26 days, basing it on an early draft of the script and a lot of production stills. I wrote an entire new chapter about Leia’s backstory on Alderaan, but Lucas cut it – it wasn’t his version of Leia’s backstory, which he knew quite well, and I didn’t. So the book hews very closely to the film, with some added dimension to the characters, and my own imaginary visuals, since I hadn’t seen the movie.


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