Man Walks Into a Bar (CD, signed)


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This is a concept album: each track is about one of the people in this sketchy bar, on this fateful night. Each song is a stand-alone about that character, but all the songs interweave, as their stories mingle, until all the stories come together in a dramatic climax in the last two tracks. Each track is a slightly different genre, as well – the genre appropriate to the character described in the song. Folk, blues, country, bluegrass, rock. There’s an underlying theme about the choices we make. As Dolores tells the Invisible Blue Girl in the song of that title, “And she told you a time comes we’ve all got to rise To the moment – before the moment dies.”

As in the Waterline CD, the backup players on this endeavor are outstanding: once again, producer David West, vocalist/guitarist Kate Wallace, drummer Tom Lackner (of Jeff Bridges’ The Abiders), Tom Ball on harmonica, Gabe Witcher on fiddle, and on several tracks a special treat – the amazing Matt Rollings on piano.

The music video above accompanies this CD, from one of the songs, Dolores Quits Dancing. At 8 minutes, it’s more of a short film than music video – in fact, it won an award for Best Director at the Best Shorts Festival. But then all these songs are little stories. Eventually I’ll have a video for each of them.

By the way the track E Clampus Vitus is about an actual fraternal organization, based in the Western states, concerned with good works and California history. They erect memorial plaques all over the state. And they really don’t know where their name comes from.


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