New Developments

A big nod of thanks to Tony Rodono, who designed and developed my new website, which is awesome and looks way above my pay grade.

Also, within the next couple months I have two novels coming out. The first, Timefall, is the third and final volume of my sci-fi fantasy adventure (After World Enough and Time, and Time’s Dark Laughter). It’s being re-released since its first publication back in the day, with new material added.

The second novel, Incarnate, is a brand new reincarnation thriller. Both books are being published by Fastpencil/Premiere Press, and will be available on their site as well as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, etc.

And lastly, I have a new CD coming out, The 12th Elf – children’s songs that adults can enjoy, mostly in the Americana genre. You’ll be able to find that on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, SoundCloud and elsewhere.

If anybody has any questions about my song or book writing process, I’ll try to answer.

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