My Daughter’s Wedding

Father of the bride… welcome to the world of wedding planning and payment. My daughter, Laura, is getting married next month to Morgan, a terrific guy. Laura’s first instinct was to elope, which she was talked out of by a variety of family members, and yes, I was one of them. We’re doing the whole ceremony and party at our house, though – between deck repair, repainting, catering, hosting multiple houseguests, and an invasion of Argentinian ants, the process has been, like the third act of any great adventure, both surprising and inevitable.

But at some point once you’ve committed to something like this in your life, you just have to say you’re All In, damn the torpedoes. I mean, finally, it’s in the service of celebrating my dear daughter’s wedding. And if I weren’t focused on all the logistics, I’d just be obsessing about the toast I have to give. So time to have a beer and quit whining. By the way, about that toast – if anybody has any good ideas…

Next month: Tales of the Wedding.

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