This is a teen romantic comedy/coming of age feature film I produced for the Community Film Studio of Santa Barbara, an all-volunteer community-run movie studio modeled on the template of Community Theater - but instead of making local stage productions, CFS produces feature-length movies. Actors and crew were almost exclusively amateurs, yet this touching film not only looks like a professionally made movie, it won Best Film at the LA Femme Film Festival.

Soon to be downloadable and available on DVD. Please check back for updates.

Dolores Quits Dancing is a music video I made for one of the tracks on my CD, Man Walks Into A Bar. But because the song itself is, like most of the songs I write, a story song, at 8 minutes running time it’s much more like a short film than a traditional music video. I wrote, produced and directed it – and I’m the bartender in the film singing it.I plan to make videos for all the songs on the album – and because they’re all about the people in this bar on this given night, their stories all weave together. Ultimately the 12 music videos will connect and flow into a single story, eventually a unified 90 minute film.

A young woman finds herself trapped by an insane, orange-haired clown in a disorienting old house, where she has to keep reliving his violent, narcissistic, paranoid outbursts as she tries to enlist others to help her escape the madness. It's either a comedy/horror surrealistic parable or a slow news day.

To watch the entire film click HERE

Wrongside Bob is a comedy/drama about a drifter with amnesia struggling to remember his past, as he runs into a grizzled Vietnam vet with PTSD, desperately trying to forget his - and nothing will ever be the same for either one. The film is loosely based on a CD I produced, Man Walks Into a Bar, in which each song on the album is about one of the people in this back-country bar. So the movie will be filled with music from the album. A Trailer for the film and two music videos from the CD can be seen HERE.

Getting the movie funded is a long, slow process. Any Angels out there, feel free to call me.

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