My daughter’s wedding was here at the house 3 weeks ago and I’m just recovering. 120 guests, 17 of whom stayed with us for 5 days, like one long, big slumber party. It was a wonderful, emotional experience, and now I’m wondering what’s next. My novel, Incarnate, just came out, that was exciting too – […]

A big nod of thanks to Tony Rodono, who designed and developed my new website, which is awesome and looks way above my pay grade. Also, within the next couple months I have two novels coming out. The first, Timefall, is the third and final volume of my sci-fi fantasy adventure (After World Enough and Time, and Time’s

Father of the bride… welcome to the world of wedding planning and payment. My daughter, Laura, is getting married next month to Morgan, a terrific guy. Laura’s first instinct was to elope, which she was talked out of by a variety of family members, and yes, I was one of them. We’re doing the whole

So, here’s my first stab at my new blog… exciting but somewhat bewildering. Is this meant to be a summary of life activities? A confessional? A rant? My thoughts on writing, politics, dinosaurs? It seems my life is always in transition. I am trying to feel the pull of the muse: who inside my brain

Liner Notes for Man Walks Into a Bar PRELUDE The promise of melancholy. THE MOTHER OF ALL BARS Longhaul Brown is like Ishmael arriving on the Pequod, and the poor moke just doesn’t know they’re going down. In post I had to fix the line “And a juke from 1964,” because I hadn’t glottaled the K