7/7/2020 I HAVEN’T POSTED in a long time, at sea in the maelstrom of coronavirus and social upheaval that surrounds us all. So much to try to focus on, but possibly the most baffling to me is the way the president has turned a simple, scientific, medically supported recommendation – to wear masks – into

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March 11, 2020 *SPOILER ALERT* Reading any further will reveal one of the unexpected twists in the first 50 pages of the Matamoros novel. But what I want to talk about here is the song I wrote about that character, Teddy Beale, for the Matamoros CD. Teddy is the Corporal of the Guard at the

MARCH 3, 2020 For a number of decades I’ve known and admired Tom Russell’s work as a gritty folksinger-songwriter, cowboy poet, Southwest musician – but somehow the notion of him as a painter passed me by. Never even occurred to me he was the artist of his CD covers. I first saw prints of some

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FEBRUARY 10, 2020 The songs on the Matamoros CD tell the stories of the characters in the book. Sometimes backstories of those characters, sometimes tales of what happens to them after the book ends, sometimes pieces of the narrative arc of the novel, but from the character’s subjective point of view, influenced by his dreams

JANUARY 29, 2020 THANK YOU! My wife, the nonpareil multimedia artist Jill Littlewood, while appreciating my blog suggested I spend some time appreciating it too – and in particular appreciating all the incredible people who have bestowed their gifts to make it all come together. She suggested this might be a good moment of cultural

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